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Custom Grave Memorials in Olympia, WA

Custom Memorial Markers

LASTING TOUCH MEMORIALS & CEMETERY PRODUCTS of Olympia, Washington, offers memorial markers in unique shapes and sizes that are not found at most funeral homes. As the only retail office in Thurston County, we listen closely to your ideas for the perfect memorial.

Planning Ahead

Selecting exactly what type of memorial you want and the designs you would like to include reduces the amount of stress placed on your family and friends after you're gone, which leads to fewer arguments and hurt feelings. For example, a family may put a generic Ford® car on grandpa's monument when he really liked a 1932 Ford®. The difference may seem miniscule, but when you are dealing with memories it is best to get details right.
Since memorials are usually expensive, paying for one now locks in today's cost and eliminates this expense for your family down the road. It also saves them time and eliminates uncertainty about your last wishes. Remember, this is likely the last impression you are ever going to make, so ensure it's exactly what you imagine it should be.

Materials Used

Some of the most popular materials favored for gravestones are granite, bronze, marble, and sandstone. LASTING TOUCH MEMORIALS & CEMETERY PRODUCTS only offers granite and bronze because of weather conditions in Western Washington. Marble absorbs the environment and quickly discolors and forms black streaks due to rain and our temperate climate. Sandstone starts to crumble within a few years of installation.
Available in hundreds of varieties, granite is a tough material able to withstand harsh weather and storms. Darker colors are generally more expensive because they are rarer and harder to quarry and cut. Polishing granite helps with the aging process and makes cleaning up moss and bird droppings easier. Just use a paper towel and Windex® to keep granite stones looking beautiful. Bronze is another tough material, but it will start to turn green (patina) after about 40 years.
Both granite and bronze are good choices for the local area, because of weathering concerns of other materials. Whichever material you choose, remember customized pictures or words may extend the fulfillment time.